The Hilltopper--Premium Grow Box

Grow professional results in a small space. We have engineered the simplest, high-performance hand-crafted grow cabinet available.

Starting with non-toxic, soy-based adhesive premium Birch hardwood and solvent less stains, The Hilltopper provides the most grow space on the market within the size range for a healthy, high-yielding canopy. 46"x18"x18" footprint.

Adding a REAL 4"x8" carbon filter to the digital environmental controller allows you to easily dial in the optimum temperature for your crop. The AC Infinity dual 6" exhaust fan manifold and controller system operates at a 17dB whisper, while a single 6" intake fan refreshes the volume. The digital controller lets you set your temperature to the desired range while fully automating the fans. Also features a high temperature alarm and exhaust fan speed controller. The intake fan may also be plugged directly into the wall for continuous operation and has an inline fan speed controller to dial in the desired pressure. 

Outfitted with a 3000k Horticulture Lighting Group 100w LED, the Hilltopper has more than enough output to release your plant's full genetic potential. Don't be fooled by other competitors' unrealistic claims...This cabinet absolutely WORKS.

We HIGHLY recommend a soilless media setup as opposed to hydroponics. Other boxes include makeshift or extremely small hydroponic systems that only open the door for detrimental crop issues. Let's face it--a hydro regimen has to be nearly perfect for a successful harvest, and professional growers will tell you a grow box is usually too confined to avoid potential failure. 

Includes everything you need to start growing except seed and soil-- Timer, C02, 3 gallon fabric pot, saucer, and trellis--while using less than 103 watts in full operation. Add lifetime technical support from degree-holding master growers and a three-year warranty on the cabinet itself, and you can rest at ease knowing even the hobbyist grower can be highly successful. 

Ships UPS discreetly without wallet-breaking freight charges or unreasonable production times. If you order it, we will ship it. Guaranteed. 



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