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CARBONGRO is a 100% bio based cutting-edge nano-carbon surfactant proven to greatly increase water absorption while reducing waste.

Growers see enhanced nutrient uptake while limiting spent plant energy on translocation, ultimately reducing harvest times significantly and noticeably increasing dry flower weight. 

Foliar applications allow incredible penetration through leaf epidermal layers. Watch it disappear in minutes. 

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Take your grow to a QUANTUM LEVEL with CARBONGRO


Customer Reviews

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Carbon Gro!! Yes

Love this stuff!! Best looking indoor plants yet!!

scott dow

I have used the most updated chems. But none has compared to carbon grow. I made a huge investment but now seeing the results I'm thrilled to dead. Example my tomatoes got hit hard by worms. Itreared the worms and applied carbon grow and my plants come back to life and now or produ ING. My indoor garden can't get enough but it shows in luster colors and growth. How amazing and internet sell could life up to its name so impressive. Please Stop advertising this mighty product, I want it for me me and me. Thank you so much for the honesty and an awesome product.