“I found what I needed, at a better price than other websites including amazon!”

Cory Sieser

Rhode Island, USA

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Grow Media & Nutrients

Best of the best grow media, nutrients, soil amendments, and microbe inoculants.

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Midwest Grow Co. proudly offers the highest quality grow lights on the market. All types of lights for all types growth stages.

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Often the most over-looked aspect to solve growth issues, environmental control can turn you from a novice to a pro instantly.

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Hardware & Equipment

All the tools of the trade to dial your grow to perfection.

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Harvest & Post-Harvest

There is still work to do after harvesting. Provide yourself the proper tools that won’t leave you hanging.

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Changing the landscape. Literally.

Raised in the fields and woods of Kentucky's incredibly viable landscape, each member of our team has encountered first hand the processes and problems farmers and growers alike face in such a diverse, shifting profession. Whether each growing season is picture perfect or a rain-soaked battle, we can isolate detrimental issues and find a solution.

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