What we stand for

Our Planet

"As lifelong growers the team at Midwest Grow Co. aims to provide the highest quality customer service in the industry while meeting or beating the shipping times of the biggest players in the game. We proudly offer thousands of products to fit the needs of both hobbyist and professional commercial growers. If you need help with a raised bed garden, greenhouses, or large-scale indoor facility our team will proudly consult any and every customer."

Our Community

"Until the onset of traditional agriculture, our forefathers and mothers focused on homegrown food sources to keep the generations alive and going. Convenience quickly led the way after the Dust Bowl and large-scale food production was made a priority to feed the rapidly rising population numbers. These methods are now proven to have greatly affected our environment, but most importantly the microcosm of soil biology. Ridgeline Organics products allow even the inexperienced grower to be successful organically. Building local networks of high quality food sources—even in your backyard—is the start to abundance of premium nutritional sources for you, your family, your neighbors, and your community. Start small and keep growing."

“Midwest Grow Co. strives to provide the highest quality service for all aspects of growing professionals and enthusiasts alike.“

Raised in the fields and woods of Kentucky's incredibly viable landscape, each member of our team has encountered first hand the processes and problems farmers and growers alike face in such a diverse, shifting profession. Whether each growing season is picture perfect or a rain-soaked battle, we can isolate detrimental issues and find a solution.