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In a rapidly expanding agricultural community our team of professionals has over sixty years of hands-on experience and education whom may provide proper remedies and plans for any situation you may encounter. Raised in the fields and woods of Kentucky's incredibly viable landscape, each member of our team has encountered first hand the processes and problems farmers and growers alike face in such a diverse, shifting profession. Whether each growing season is picture perfect or a rain-soaked battle, we can isolate detrimental issues and find a solution. Midwest Grow Co. may assist in all realms of horticultural or agricultural ventures—including nursery, turf grass, ornamental and vegetable production. Our goal is to focus on purely organic inputs. These cultivation methods not only reduce environmental pollutants and carcinogens, but amplify soil health to increase growing potential year to year. Let us assist in maximizing the biological life of your soil and keep your plants pest and disease resistant. Feel free to contact us today with any question—no matter how small or large—and we will be happy to assist you along your path to growing success!



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 Address: 115 Eaglet Cv, Paducah, KY, 42003