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Aeromixer - The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit

Aeromixer - The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit

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The AEROMIXER was created to make feeding your garden easier. Now, with THE HOSE by AEROMIXER, you can feed and water in half the time. With our all-in-one-feed kit, everything to get your garden what it needs is right here in this box: THE HOSE is 100-feet long, 1-inch in diameter and virtually indestructible! THE HOSE includes a two-piece watering wand that offers versatility for when you need a long reach or not so much. The wand's lightweight aluminum construction allows for reinforced walls, meaning it's super heavy duty without being super heavy. Because let's get real, farmers are HARD on our equipment, but our equipment shouldn't be hard on us.

Please note that THE HOSE is a larger than standard garden hose and is constructed with brass 1" NPT fittings.

Hose Specifications
100' 1" Diameter Hose
Heavy Duty 1" Brass End Couplings
650PSI Bursting Pressure
1/4-inch Double-Walled Braided Nylon
Attaches directly to your AEROMIXER, and most sump pumps.

Wand Specifications
Two connectible 18" aluminum watering bands.
Our nearly indestructible aluminum wands offer 18" or 36" extended reach.

Valve Specifications
1" corrosion resistant brass ball valve.

(1) 100-foot Heavy Duty 1" Garden Hose with 1" Brass Couplings
(2) 18" Aluminum Watering Wands with 1" Coupler (1) 1" Corrosion Resistant Brass Ball Valve (1) Adapter for 1.5" NPT and 1" NPT (4) Spare Gaskets One-Year warranty on ALL components.

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