Air-Forced Pro Co2 Bucket

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ProCo2 buckets were created to increase your yields and overall plant growth at a minimal cost.

Built-in air pump manifold emits steady levels of Co2 and can be controlled using a timer. Unlike any other Co2 bag or bucket on the market, the Air-Forced ProCo2 covers an area of 8x8 feet. Ideal levels of natural Co2 will be released for 1 year, making Pro Co2 more cost-effective than traditional Co2 tanks. The Air-Forced ProCo2 comes with a handle, making it easily hang-able. 

Specs of each bucket:

Net Weight: 10 lbs.
Height: 11.5"
Diameter: 9.75"
Coverage: 8 x 8 ft
Expires: 1 Year