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Clone Shipper

Clone Shipper 3.0 5 Pack

Clone Shipper 3.0 5 Pack

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cloneshipper v2-2 from Clone Shipper on Vimeo.

The new Clone Shipper 3.0 is here and features a new opaque lid & LED light that lasts 100+ hour!


Designed to support clones or young live plants, the Clone Shipper 3.0 plant packaging holds the plant securely in place during transit. What makes the Clone Shipper 3.0 different from other plant shipping containers? A new LED light that last over 100+ Hrs. keeps the plant thriving and growing throughout shipping process, while other containers ship the plant in the dark. Our packaging solution allows the plant to breathe and continue to grow during shipment.

Ever wonder how to ship live plants safely and quickly?

Clone Shipper is here to help. The patent pending design of the Clone Shipper enables plants, specifically clones or young plants, to be shipped safely with our one-of-a-kind packaging. The Clone Shipper was designed to ensure that your growing plants are nurtured during the entirety of your shipment.

The Clone Shipper was born out of the desire to share plants with consumers and patients who may not have access to purchase from a cultivator. The Clone Shipper allows consumers the ability to ship live plants or clones  safely and quickly without worry.

When using Clone Shipper as your plant shipping packaging, you are able to ship a plant while growing process has already started. Sick of your plants struggling to survive during shipment or falling a part along the way? We are your solution. Passionate botanists, amateur gardeners, or those with a green thumb would strongly benefit using the Clone Shipper to ensure the plants are being delivered intact, healthy, and well-lit.

* Includes five individual shippers

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