Tissue Culture Microclone Kit

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This kit contains everything you need to create your own plant cultures at home. Great for long term storage of genetics or simply producing quantities of clones in a small space with almost no maintenance. Contains tools, instructions, video, hormones, vessels and supplies. Keep hundreds of different genetics on a standard wire storage rack! www.PlantTC.com Tissue culture plants grow into tiny mother plants in small bottles on a medium of nutrients, growth regulators, and sugar. Many plants are produced from a small tray of bottles under a few watts of lighting. An ordinary 10” by 20” tray holds fifty exclusive Microclone bottles and produces three or more times the numbers every thirty days. Commercial greenhouse cloning at home Rooted cuttings directly from culture bottles Saves time, saves space, saves money Preserve genetics and strains Orchids, fruit trees, tropicals, medicinal and carnivorous plants Search “Microclone” for videos. The Future of Cloning Kit includes: -Fifty exclusive Flip-top culture vials -10” x 20” autoclavable tray -Sixteen screw-top tubes in tray -Thirty culture jar lids -Two TDZ multiplying medium -One BA multiplying medium -One IBA/NAA rooting medium -Plant cleaning solution -Stainless steel scalpel -8-inch forceps -Washing screen and jar lid -Fifty page manual  -Sealing tape -pH Testing and correction kit

Note: DVD no longer included in kit